Recommended Products To Support Your Keto Lifestyle

For years, people have asked us for links to products we use and discuss on our videos and in our groups ... so we finally compiled a list for you!

We will continue to add to this list, so keep checking back. And if you have suggestions for products we should check out, then please let us know! Email us at

You may find some of the following products and resources helpful to your keto/low-carb lifestyle.* Click the images below for more detailed product descriptions or ordering information.

Keto Urine Strips
We used these at the very beginning of our keto journey. For reasons we explain during the Real Life Keto 21-Day Challenge, urine strips do not provide the most reliable indicators of ketosis as you become more keto-adapted. But it may be a nice place to start for beginners.

We actually don't test for ketones very often (we know how great we feel when we are in ketosis), but when we do, we use our blood monitor. We usually only test while engaging in an extended fast (60 hours or more). But if you want to test for ketone levels, this is what we recommend using,

Pink Himalayan Salt
This is the PHS I buy to put in my grinder. I'm not sure it is any better than any other out there, but it has worked well for me. I also buy finer grained PHS to put in table salt shakers.

Grinder Set
This is my second set of grinders, and I find them much improved from the first set. Easy, one-handed use ... just push a button, and the lighted grinder goes to work. Lids fit well to keep countertops clear.

Chaffle Maker
This waffle maker does four at once! These are great to make sweet or savory treats ... or a lower-carb bread alternative.

Insta Pot
Amazon apparently doesn't carry the InstaPot I bought a while back, but this one looks pretty similar and has great reviews. I wanted a larger-sized one for big roasts, but smaller sizes are available.

Lyte Show
Before Prüvit introduced its premium electrolyte product (MitoPlex), we purchased this. They sell it in different forms (we had some of these ready packs, but they also sold a bottle with a travel flask).

These stevia-sweetened carbonated drinks have been a lifesaver! You can find these in some local stores, but we got tired of the flavors we wanted being out of stock. We just put them on autoship from Amazon to avoid the frustration, get a discount, and get them delivered to our front door.

Bacon Jerky
Delicious for on-the go snacking ... jerky that tastes like, well, BACON! It is not a perfect keto food and actually does contain sugar ... but it is a great alternative for worse choices that I used to make while traveling.

Isopure Protein Powder
Looking for a very basic protein powder without a lot of additives? This may be a great fit for you, as it only has two ingredients. It isn't going to provide the flavor punch of other powders, but you are also going to avoid a lot of extra carbs and ingredients you may not want. I keep on hand for recipes calling for protein powders; I personally do not use it as a protein powder drink.

Salt and Vinegar Almonds
If you're a strict keto purist, then these are not for you. But if you're just trying to replace chips with something healthier, then these are a delicious alternative.

Lily's Chocolate
Chocolate without the guilt? Um, yes please! You can find Lily's in some stores, now, too. I like to put these in my made-at-home trail mix with keto friendly nuts and pink Himalayan salt.

A convenient blend of stevia and erythritol we use. Be mindful of other brands OR even other types/blends of Truvia, as some are mixed with cane sugar, dextrose, or other non-ideal ingredients.

Another blend of erythritol and stevia that we use. Again, be mindful of other brands or even other types/blends of Pyure which may contain other non-ideal ingredients like maltodextrin.

A nice blend of erythritol and oligosaccharides (that's a mouthful) that seems to work nicely in recipes. Note that some oligosaccharides may not be as keto friendly as those used in Swerve, so pay attention to how things affect you.

Swerve Brown "Sugar"
A brown sugar substitute (mainly erythritol and oligosaccharides) we recently bought but haven't put to our kitchen test! Looking forward to trying some chocolate chip cookie recipes with this!

Pür Gum
I don't like many of the sweeteners in sugar-free gum, but this has xylitol instead of aspartame. It is a little pricey per package, but I felt like one small piece was enough to freshen the breath and stop snacking urges. I like the spearmint and bubble gum flavors. BE MINDFUL that xylitol is extremely poisonous to dogs. 

Air Fryer
Apparently, Amazon does not currently carry the exact model I purchased a while back. This one seems substantially similar and has good reviews.

Birch Benders Keto Pancakes
When we just gotta have your pancakes or waffles, this is our go-to mix. Tip: let batter soak for a few minutes for cooking and enjoy less "grainy" pancakes.

Birch Benders Monk Fruit Syrup
No, it's not exactly the same as classic maple syrup ... but it is pretty good and you can avoid a lot of carbs!

Birch Benders Keto Birthday Cake Singles
Need a quick and easy keto friendly treat for yourself without having to buy a million specialty ingredients or making a mess in the kitchen?

Birch Benders Keto Brownie Singles
Another fast and fun keto friendly treat for one (we actually find it is enough to share, especially if you add a scoop of keto ice cream)!

Birch Benders Keto Blueberry Muffin Singles
Umm ... do you see a trend here? We love the simplicity and quickness of these keto friendly treats!

Birch Benders Chocolate Chip Cookie Singles
Sometimes, you just gotta have chocolate ... and this gives it to you quickly and easily, with no mess.

The Ketogenic Bible

This book is the definitive text, in our opinion, for anyone interested in the science and history behind a ketogenic lifestyle. It covers common applications for keto living, including exogenous ketones and keto recipes. We have met the authors in person and have heard them speak on multiple occasions.

The Keto Cure

Another excellent resource for those starting or continuing their keto lifestyle. The author is a practicing medical professional who specializes in obesity and ketogenic lifestyle. This book also contains recipes. It is an easier read than some of the other ketogenic resources.
Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Were A Cure?
If you don't know the love story of Dr. Mary Newport and her husband Steve, then you need to hear it! We have met Dr. Newport in person and heard her speak many time. But we still tear up every time we hear their powerful story.
The Coconut Oil and Low-Carb Solution for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Other Diseases
What can we say? We are big fans of Dr. Mary Newport and her work!
The Complete Book of Ketones
Dr. Mary Newport's most recent book, this resource provides some heavy reading. So, if you are one who is looking to go deeper into the ketogenic lifestyle, then this book is for you.
Rhinoceros Success
This easy, fun read has actually been a business staple for many. It's all about going after your dreams with the speed, force, and tenacity of a rhinoceros. Simple and powerful, it is a great book to share with children. Rebecca has heard the author speak in person and is a huge fan!
212 The Extra Degree
This book focuses on having a one degree shift make all the difference. This philosophy is what we endorse at KETO-SIStas ... just trying to become a little better each day. Small changes made consistently over time yield big results.

Today Matters
Bridgette and Rebecca actually spent almost an entire year going through this book with a mastermind group. It is an excellent read with monumental application for daily life.


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