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  • Improved Appetite and Craving Control (imagine FORGETTING to eat)
  • Better Sleep (wake up feeling awesome)

Why do you want my email address?

You’ve probably noticed that here at KETO-SIStas, we do things very differently. We are a team of women who have fallen in love with the keto lifestyle. Our daily lives have improved dramatically, and we are on a happy mission to share what we have learned with others. We know that by intentionally pursuing ketosis each day, we consistently enjoy better energy, sleep, mood, focus, and fat loss. And we know that others need what we have found!

Our very favorite tool for being in sustained, real life ketosis is exogenous ketones (ketones that you can drink to put yourself in a state of therapeutic ketosis, regardless of your diet or other lifestyle choice!). Our team members work closely together to share the good news about guaranteed ketosis with as many people as possible. 

Even though we all work together in the KETO-SIStas community, we do want to make sure that you stay directly connected with your Big SISta or the person you have already been working with. That person can help you select the products that are best suited to help you meet your goals … and at the most advantageous pricing! 

To make sure you get individualized help in achieving your better, please put your email below. That way, we can send you to the correct site for ordering from the person who has been working with you. Reach out to support@ketosistas.com with questions.

But what exactly are ketones? 

Check out this simple cartoon video to see:

Simply put, a ketone is a natural energy source that your body is designed to use. It is a very efficient and clean way to power your body and brain throughout your day. Ketosis (a state of elevated levels of ketones in the blood) is your body's preferred state that has a plethora of health benefits.

Unfortunately, the food that most people eat prevents them from being able to utilize this premium energy source ...until Prüvit came along!

You know the benefits of the keto diet:  the increased energy, fat loss, and better overall performance and health. 

But it can be a tough lifestyle to sustain. Testing your blood to make sure you're at the right levels. 

That's where Prüvit's keto drinks come in. It's not just your ordinary supplement. When you drink our ketones, your body automatically achieves ketosis, even if your diet isn't perfect. And you get the incredible benefits of the ketogenic diet, simply by shaking up this powder and drinking it.

Yep, it really is that simple.

Better Fat Loss

"Pruvit's ketones changed my mindset and mood so I was able to break the habit of using food for a coping mechanism. Using ketones, I was then able to help my family do the same and we went from couch potatoes to our 1st 5k and have lost a combined 294 pounds between the four of us!"

~Rhonda P.

Nurse, keto junkie, lost over 100 lbs. on ketones

Better Energy

"So, what is this magical wizard, potion-like thing you gave me? I've noticed a change from the first day. I am so much more focused and have so much more energy. I don't even know myself and I'm on day 3!"

~Ashley B. 

Teacher, entrepreneur, mom of 2

Better Appetite Control

"On my first day of drinking Prüvit’s ketones, I realized I didn’t reach for the candy jar at school around 2:00. (That’s when I normally would indulge just to get a boost of energy so I could make it through the rest of the day). My cravings for 3 or 4 Diet Dr. Peppers per day started decreasing. BUT the best perk was feeling great and losing 14 lbs to get to my goal weight in time for my son’s wedding, in just 2 months!"

~Suzette H.

Teacher, former "carbaholic," mom of 3

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Remember, Prüvit offers a FULL 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!